Welcome to Furry Hosting.


Q: So what is Furry Hosting ?

A: Furry Hosting is a web hosting platform designed and built to host any and all of the furry fandom’s needs, this can range from small bloggers to extremely big conventions and will not shy away from the content where some hosting providers will deny services.

Q: How much does this service cost ?

A: Furry Hosting is free to small to medium users. The idea behind this pricing is to allow people to build a web presence without costing a dime for their hosting solution. As for large users (i.e conventions) Furry Hosting would only bill the extra cost of hosting to that specific user (No profit would be generated, this would be just to cover the extra expenses). Furry Hosting will also provide assistance in setting up the hosting platform to the users.

Q: Who runs or owns Furry Hosting ?

A: Furry Hosting is ran and owned by “Seirei No Senshi” who is also on FurAffinity.

Q: Who is “Seirei No Senshi”

A: Seirei No Senshi or by known by his initials “PC” is a Network Administrator with an extensive background in web hosting  with his privately owned companies. These companies have served major web clientele from their servers located in South Florida, Texas, Seattle and Buffalo, New York.

Q:  How in the world can you offer free web hosting and what is the catch?

A: Over the last couple of years I have built up a massive hosting platform with a lot of extra room and power that can easily handle 100’s to 1000’s of new users, there is no catch at all. The only thing I would ask of the user would be to put a badge or logo on their site saying who they’re hosted with, but this is not mandatory at all.

Q: Is this platform secure ?

A: As they say in the industry nothing is fully secure, but I work tirelessly to constantly patch and maintain all the servers, this includes full backups that are stored off-site for emergency situations.

Q: What is the reason for building this service ?

A: My goal with Furry Hosting is to provide a service that caters to this fandom and provides a safe place where there is no fear of the user’s content from either being deleted or destroyed because there hosting provider chose to pull the plug on their account.

Q: Anything else ?

A: Yes a couple of things, this service is run by a human not a machine looking for information or to spam the community. If this seems to be an interest to you please click here and fill out the form and i will contact you ASAP. If there any questions at all about the service, me, price etc please click here and fill out the contact form.

Thank you for your time,